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Jorge M. Uribe

Ph.D UB School of Economics

“Science is measurement” William Thomson, 1886

I am a Ph.D. economist from UB School of Economics and a Research Associate at the Riskcenter, in the University of Barcelona. I also have been a visiting scholar in the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance at the University of St. Gallen.

My research interests are: financial markets (with a focus on international finance, empirical asset pricing and banks), energy markets (electricity and oil, also from a financial perspective) and actuarial statistics (when it is related to insurance markets).

Regarding my first line of research,I have recently studied appropriate ways to measure financial uncertainty, and the impacts of macroeconomic uncertainty on momentum strategies, banking risks and the macroeconomy.

In the front of energy markets, I have been working on new tools to model the price of electricity, which is particularly challenging given the lack of storability that characterize most of the transactions in this market, and I also have been studying systemic risk scenarios in oil markets.

Finally, in my actuarial line of research, I’m mostly interested in longevity extension and the implications of population aging for the future of  insurance markets.